I'm Going Home to Jesus

by Lester Ray Sandy

As I travel down life's pathway,
My heart is filled with love.
I am thinking of my Savior
Who shed His precious blood,
Who pardoned my transgressions,
Took me from the miry clay,
Put my feet upon God's highway
From which I'll never stray.

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I am going home to Jesus.
I am going there to stay
When my mansion there is ready,
And the Savior says I may.
I am longing for that day
When my Savior bids me come
Up there in Heaven, my home.

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I long to be with Jesus
In those mansions with the blessed
There to dwell with Him forever
In that great eternal rest.
Yes, I know my Savior loves me,
For He has told me so.
When Heaven's portal opens, Lord,
Find me prepared to go.

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When I think of those bright mansions
And the angels dressed in white,
Then I know I'll see my Savior
On his glorious throne of light
When I walk those golden streets
With the One that I adore.
Oh, I want to dwell with Jesus
In that home forever more.

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I can see my blessed Savior
With His precious nail-pierced hands,
Bids me welcome into heaven
There to join that happy band.
Do you wonder that I love Him
And do His will each day,
That I want to go and meet Him
And forever more to stay?

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Blessed Savior, I am ready
For my mansion over there
Where my heartaches will be over;
There will be no want or care.
Jesus, this will be Your glory
When the saints, assembled be,
Give You all their praise and honor
Throughout all eternity.

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