Jesus Is the Light and the Way

  Jesus is calling for souls astray.
Heed the call of the Savior today.
Hear Him now for the time draws nigh
To walk in the light or in darkness must die.

Jesus is the Light and the Way,
Turns the darkest of night into glorious day.
The light of His love will guide you each day,
For Jesus, the Savior, is the Light and the Way.

When you have come to the end of the road,
The Savior is waiting to help bear your load.
Our sins be as scarlet—may be great or small.
The Savior has pardon, compassion for all.

Turn now to Jesus; there's no other way.
Be a witness for Him on this earth while you may.
Testify of His mercy, His love, and His grace.
Pray God that some day you shall look on His face.

Oh, the beautiful light around the great throne
Where our Lord and Savior shall gather His own!
What joys we'll share in the heavens so bright
When we dwell with Jesus in His wonderful light!

Our reward will be waiting for us over there
For faithfully following that pathway so fair.
To those who have loved and heeded His call,
The light of His love will shine o'er them all.

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