Wonderful Story

  As we go along on life's journey,
Let us praise the Lord as we go.
The blood of the Lamb upon the cross
Saved us from sin long ago.

That wonderful plan of redemption,
Coming down from the Father above,
Gave the life of His Son upon the cross
That the world might receive that great love.

What a wonderful, beautiful story
Of the Savior Who died on the tree—
How His life's blood was shed in atonement
For the saving of sinners like me.

What a wonderful gift He has given
To those who have heeded His call!
A wonderful love—a beautiful life—
Our Savior will give to us all.

This story will ever grow older
Though it oft will be told anew.
The story Christ brought to the sinner
Their covenant with God to renew.

How our Savior was born in a stable
Where in a manger He lay.
His promise to those who believe Him,
Their sins shall be taken away.

Let us all tell that beautiful story
While here on His footstool we roam,
That wonderful story of Jesus
Who has gone to prepare us a home.

A mansion for us up in Heaven
Will be our new home ever more
For telling the story of Jesus,
Our Lord, Who has gone on before.

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