Soldiers of His Word

We're soldiers of a royal band.
We have God's banner in our hand.
We'll place it soon in every land.
It's God's most holy word.
We will not slow or slack the pace.
We'll take His word to every race.
We'll stamp God's love upon their face
In the sweetest story heard.
It is God's word, His holy word,
The greatest story ever heard
We carry to redeem the world.
We're soldiers of His word.
We'll keep His banner waving high.
We'll sing His praises to the sky.
We'll fight for Him until we die.
We're soldiers of His word.
We care not where He leads the fight.
With God we're always in the right.
We bring God's message with the light
Of the sweetest story heard.
We are God's army brave and true
Though may number but a few,
But God still tells us what to do
In his most holy word.
So, forth to battle we will fare,
And for the Lord we'll do and dare.
We know we're in His loving care
In the sweetest story heard.
When this great war is o'er at last,
Held in our hand His banner fast
And victory within our grasp
With God's most holy word.
While God looks on with loving eye,
We'll march His word back to the sky,
And with the saints we'll reign on high
In the sweetest story heard.

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