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All the Way

  My paths were leading onward,
In ways that were dark as night,
No hope no friends no loved ones,
Who cared about my plight,
A sinner lost and helpless,
Adrift on a stormy sea,
Seeking for earthly treasures,
Seemed all that was left for me,

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 Then I found I could not travel,
Those dark paths all alone,
I heard my Savior calling,
Come with me and be my own,
Now I find there is no shadows,
He is with me all the way,
He has lighted up each moment,
Far brighter than the day,

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  I thank my blessed Savior,
For leading me away,
From paths of utter darkness,
To the light of a perfect day,
When I was lost and hopeless,
In the depths of dark despair,
'Twas then I knew my Savior,
And learned of his love and care,

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  And now I've found my Savior.
His love has led me in.
His blood has purified me
And cleansed me from all sin.
He is my guide and leader.
I follow Him each day.
He gives me joy and gladness
And goes with me all the way.

Whosoever Will Bar

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