Beating Rainbow Heart



Precious Sight

I cannot look into the future;
Still I know and love my Lord.
I can feel His presence near me.
I can trust His holy word.
Days of joy, days of pleasure,
Still on earth for me I know,
But for Jesus all these treasures
I leave behind me when I go.

Beating Rainbow Heart

Thank you, Jesus, for the vision,
That You gave me one day
When You took away the shadows.
Now Your love does light the way.

Beating Rainbow Heart

My sight was dim; I could not hear Him—
Could not pierce that inner veil.
But my Savior came and gave me
A vision that will never fail.
When I reach that inner sanctum,
Through the veil I'll surely go.
Round the throne I'll meet my loved ones.
My future I shall see and know.

Beating Rainbow Heart

Now I'm trusting in my Savior.
Through Him I gained the victory.
Gone are ways of sin and darkness.
I once was blind but now I see.
I can see my blessed Savior.
I am living by His grace.
Feel His loving hand upon me.
See the love light on His face.

Beating Rainbow Heart

I will see and know my future
When I stand before God's throne.
I will see and know my Savior
When He claims me as His own.
There I'll dwell with Him forever
In those mansions pure and bright.
I will see that Heavenly city,
For God has given me perfect sight.

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