When the Lights Were Dim

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  The days were dark when the Savior died
When on the cross He was crucified,
His mission here the sinner to save,
And the ransom was the life He gave.
He came to earth not to rule or reign
As an earthly king, but a Savior of men,
Bringing peace and joy to all today,
Who love and honor, trust and obey.
  When the sunlight failed and the earthquake came,
The veil of the temple was rent in twain.
The sleeping saints arose from their tombs
And walked the streets of their former homes.
The Son of Man was laid in the grave,
Crucified by the ones He had come to save.
When the angel rolled away the stone,
Then God, the Father, received His own.
  Through all these years while the lights were dim,
The faithful placed their trust in Him.
His mission here will have been in vain
If they're not ready when He comes again.
He's coming soon His bride to claim.
In His kingdom here He will surely reign
Where all is joy and peace and light,
For God has said there will be no night.
  On that fateful day when the veil was rent,
And the light from Heaven was almost spent,
From the darkness of that awful night,
Our Christ arose in His robes of white.
He made a way that is always bright.
It is tuned to the rays of the throne of light.
Christ brought that light to earth one day.
It still shines on to light the way.
Out from the darkness there came a light
To lead us onward in paths of right.
It will take us on to that mansion bright
Where no night comes to dim our sight.
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