Friendship with Jesus

  Sometimes when we grow weary,
Longing for someone that's gone,
Some one who has left us,
Gone to that home far beyond,
Some one you loved dearly,
One of your truest friends,
They shared their lives on earth with you,
But have left you at the end.

Jesus is your best friend,
The truest One of all.
No matter when you need Him,
He will answer every call.
So put your trust in Jesus
In faith and love be true,
For the friends you'll meet in Heaven
Have loved your Jesus, too.

Jesus is always near you,
No matter where you may stray,
His great love will guide you
Each step along on your way
Anywhere you may find Him.
When to Him you are true,
He will help bear all of your burdens
In wonderful love for you.

Some day you will see Him
And look upon His face
And bless the day you found Him,
Saved by His wonderful grace.
Some day He'll be returning
Back to this earth to reign,
Coming in clouds of great glory,
Here with his loved ones to reign.

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