When We Go to the Lord in Prayer

  When we go to the Lord in prayer
Our good intentions declare,
Just remember our Lord
Will not hear our word
'Till we take it to Him in prayer,
For when we were in despair,
With friends—some here and there—
On the Lord we did call.
In Him found our all
When we went to the Lord in prayer,
  Let us go to the Lord in prayer,
Go to Him with all our care,
Our prayer He will heed,
And supply every need,
When we go to Him in prayer.
  As birds that fly through the air,
Oft times our spirits soar there.
No matter how high
In the Heavens we fly,
Still we go to the Lord in prayer.
Oh, friends, if only we dare
Break the bonds of worldly care,
From sin turn away,
Let the Lord have full sway,
Take it all to Him in prayer.
  Oh, saints and sinner, beware.
There's no other God anywhere
That has power today
To take sin away
Than our God Who answers our prayer.
When we think of the Savior so fair,
Gave His life on the cross over there,
Through Him we must go
Washed in Calvary's flow.
Then our God will answer our prayers.


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