We have all faith in Jesus,
Growing stronger every day,
For by our faith He heals us
And glorifies our way.
Your faith and my faith,
There's none so pure and fine,
As faith in Christ our Savior
Gives victory all the time.

  You faith and my faith
And our Saviors love divine!
We give our thanks to Jesus
For victory all the time.



  We trust our broken bodies
To our loving Savior's care
For when we call upon Him,
We always find Him there.
We go to Him for healing
For our sin sick soul,
For the cleansing blood of Jesus
Will save and make us whole.

  We call upon Him daily,
Trust Him with all our cares,
Believeing that our Savior
Will answer all our prayers,
We'll keep our faith in Jesus.
We know His love is true,
And what He's done for others,
He'll surely do for you.

  Believing what he told us
Before he went away,
That he would send another,
Our Comforter and Stay.
We'll keep our faith in Jesus,
Be free from sin and pain.
We'll keep our faith in Jesus
Be free from sin and pain.
We'll all be shouting victory
When He returns again.

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