Dear friends, how we love to greet you!
What a joy to clasp your dear hand!
We praise our dear Lord
For His glorious word.
We shall meet in a beautiful land.


  It is wondeful to greet our loved ones,
Meet our friends with love in our hearts.
What a joy to know
We've a place we can go
Where never again shall we part,


  For parting will only bring sorrow,
Leave us lonely and filled with pain.
Think on that day,
When friends go away.
We know we shall meet them again.


  So, friends, let us be aweary
For friends from whom we must part.
Let us all be a friend
And stay to the end
With our love and our God in our heart.


  Let our hearts all be filled with gladness.
Give our praise to the Lord o'er and o'er
Let us shout; let us sing
To our Savior and King
'Till we meet on that beautiful shore.

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