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God's Grace

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Flood Destroys Sinful World

  When God looked down from the heavens above
And saw this old sinful world,
Almost He repented the making of man
Is the story we're told in His word.
But He is an ever-merciful God
He destroyed not the whole race
He spared Noah, his sons, and their wives.
They were full of God's glory and grace.

Noah Blocks
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  When the waters came down,
And the heavens above grew dark
The waters so high nearly reached to the sky,
But Noah was safe in the ark.

Flood Animation
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  Are you full of God's grace?
Are you ready to go? Upon this journey embark.
Can you rise above the storm and the floods?
Will you be found safe in the ark?
When Moses led Israel, God's chosen ones,
From bondage in Pharaoh's land
He was their leader, their God-given guide
Brother Aaron stood at his right hand.

Crossing Red Sea
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  The Ark of the Covenant went on before
While the Israelites marched in the rear.
As long as they followed the wake of the ark,
Why Israel had nothing to fear.
By pillar of smoke they were led by the day
By pillar of fire in the dark.
They passed through the waters of the Red Sea.
They were led safely by the Ark.

Ark of the Covenant
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  Now God makes a way for His People to go.
When to His laws they'll take heed,
He has never left them in want or alone,
But in mercy supplies every need
Moses and Noah they served a just God,
One whom they obeyed from the stars
Whatever God told them to do,
They did it with all of their hearts.
When their life's work was ended
Here upon earth, they had measured up to His mark,
God gathered them up to the heavens above,
Forevermore safe in the ark

Moses Receives the Law
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