Psalm 63:1

Closer to God

  I'm climbing a mountain so steep and so high,
The far distant top nearly reaches the sky,
Sometimes I grow weary I'm tempted to stop,
But God always tells me press on to the top,
For others before me these same paths have trod,
Every step I am taking brings me closer to God,

Just let me walk closer dear father I pray,
Nearer and dearer to thee every day,
I'll walk the same paths my Savior has trod,
Just let me walk closer, yes, closer to God,

I'll keep on climbing by day and by night,
On top of the mountain there shines a great light.
I can see through the mists a bright shining ray,
God's beacon of love to light up the way,
Oft times when I falter, then I lean on the rod
Of faith that moves mountains; draws me closer to God.

When I think I see the end of the road,
My steps grow quicker and lighter my load,
Rejoicing and singing on my journey I go.
With no backward glance at the valley below,
When I started climbing I left that old sod,
And I'm still climbing upward drawing closer to God.

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