The Old, Old Story

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  Here's a story we're told
Of God's people of old,
As they walked with the Lord by their side,
How they found peace and rest
By the Lord they were blest,
And with faith in his love did abide,
They obeyed his command
They held fast to the hand,
As He led them along on their way,
Gave offerings of love
To their Father above
And prayed to their God every day.

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  They walked with the Lord
They believed on His word,
Obeyed his commandments each day,
They found peace and rest
By the Lord they were blest,
For they prayed to their God every day,

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  Then, alas the time came when
They knew not the name,
Of the God whom their fathers adored,
From the Lord turned away after idols of clay,
No longer believing God's word,
They wandered so far from God's love and care,
Soon they lost all sight of their goal,
For the pleasures of earth
Lost all rights to their birth,
Gained the world and lost their own soul.

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  They loved not the Lord
Had no faith in His word,
They broke His commandments each day,
Found no peace or rest
Lost their home with the blest,
For they prayed to strange gods every day.

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  Then Christ came on earth
Bringing us that new birth,
Saying all must be born again,
Have faith in the Lord
And believe on His word,
Accept Christ as the Savior of men,
For the blood of the Lamb
For redemption of man
Was the price that our Lord had to pay.
Give your praise to the Lord
Tell to others His word,
And pray to your God every day,

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  You must walk with the Lord
Must believe in His word,
Keep all His commandments each day.
You will find peace and rest in that home with the blest
When you pray to your God every day.

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