Fall of Man

 When God created Adam,
At the beginning of time.
Made him in his own image,
The father of all mankind,
Placed him in the Garden of Eden,
Over all creatures there to reign,
He ate from the tree of knowledge,
And was banished from his domain,
Satan was there in the garden,
Serpent Bar
And he told a story to Eve,
It was wise to eat the forbidden fruit,
A story he had her believe.
If Eve had not listened to Satan,
Had branded his story a lie,
Had went to God for guidance,
Then man would not have to die,
Serpent Bar
Adam and Eve were God's children,
As pure as the angels above,
God's glory and beauty around them;
All He asked in return was their love,
They fell when the serpent beguiled them,
With fruit that so pleased their eye,
Broke the first commandment God gave them,
"Eat not of this fruit lest ye die."
Serpent Bar
The Tree of Life stood before them,
It was full, and the fruit was the best,
The other had taken their fancy;
They desired it above all the rest.
They lost their home in the garden,
For they had let sin enter in,
Ashamed of the way God had made them
They hid in the garden from Him,
Serpent Bar
So God drove them out from the garden,
After Satan had gained his way,
Filled all their lives with sorrow,
From the love of God they did stray,
But He left a door that is open,
If they'll only trust as before,
For sin may be all around them,
But His grace doth abound evermore,
Serpent Bar
Oh, yes, we can be God's children,
And as pure as the angels above,
With all of His glory around us,
We surely can give Him our love,
We'll need no food from the serpent,
We'll get manna from God up on high,
If we love Him and keep His commandments,
Then God will not let us die.
I Corinthians 10:13

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