I Thessalonians 4:17b


  Why should we sigh for the days that are gone,
Faded away like the dews of the morn,
The days that we live we cannot recall
We can look to God and give thanks for them all.

  The joys and sorrows of those days of yore,
Have vanished away to return never more,
So look to the future forget all the past,
For we cannot tell which day shall be last,

  First comes the light of a beautiful day,
Then the night comes, and the day fades away,
In heaven our Lord has made the days sure,
But days here on earth were not made to endure,

  Our Lord has told us to trust and obey,
The days He has promised will not pass away,
If only we trust Him we surely will go,
Where the fountains of life so freely do flow.

  Look always to God his wonders behold,
And pray for the day you'll be safe in the fold,
For soon He will His kingdom restore,
We'll have happy days with Him ever more.


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