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The heavens were still on that glorious night,
While the earth was bathed with a heavenly light,
The angels in heaven so softly did sing
Of the birth of a new born Savior and king,

Angels Proclaim the Glad Tidings of Christ's Birth
The angels proclaimed on that bright Christmas morn,
Unto you this glad day a Savior is born,
God's gift from heaven for all men to see,
Brought love peace and pardon to set the world free.

A holy Infant there in Bethlehem lay.
With the spirit of giving was born on that day
God's own dear Son so precious and pure,
With peace and good will that will always endure,

Birth of Christ
The wise men who traveled, they came from afar,
Led by the rays of a bright shining star.
Precious gifts they brought there to lay
At the feet of their King who was born on that day,

With the joy bells ringing as they did of yore
The angels still sing the glad news o'er and o'er.
All nations will pause their homage to pay
To our glorious king who was born on this day,

Joy Bells Ring at Birth of Christ
Born King of kings what a glorious birth.
He came and dwelt with the poorest on earth,
His glory, the greatest, His love will not cease,
He will reign here forever, our great Prince of Peace.

Give thanks to God on this glad Christmas day,
The gift that He gave us did not go away,
Precious Gift, blessed Giver, we praise and adore,
Our love and our peace is with Thee ever more.

Good News of Great Joy at the Birth of Christ
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