When we see God in His beauty,
When we pray to the Father on high,
When we walk in the pathway of duty,
Then we know our redemption draws nigh.

  Redeemed by God's grace for his glory
With a ransom more precious than gold,
Redeemed by that precious old story,
With a riches and blessing untold.

  Redeemed by a wonderful Savior,
Oh, what a sweet solemn thought!
Redeemed and reclaimed in Christ's favor,
Glorified by the love that He brought.

  Redeemed and reclaimed to that kingdom,
Precious souls that are born anew
Where Christ will have full dominion.
Redemption's sweet story comes true.

  Redeemed by our faith in God only,
By a love that has ever grown dear,
Redeemed nevermore to grow lonely,
For our Savior will always be near.

  Redeemed, then give God the glory
When in judgment before Him we stand,
Redeemed then repeat the glad story,
Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

  Redeemed from sin dark and dreary,
Redeemed, oh, the soul's sweet release!
Redeemed, never lonely or weary.
Redeemed, and at last find sweet peace.

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