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  When a friend comes to you for a favor,
You must not turn him away,
Share all you have with your brother,
'Tis God's will to be done that way,
When he comes to ask you're forgiveness,
For a wrong that to you he has done,
Be quick to forgive and forget it,
Don't cast at him the first stone,

Forgive Bar

  Judge not, for with that same judgment
By which you measure your friend,
When the Lamb's Book of Life shall be opened,
Shall be measured to you again,
Judge not into condemnation,
From him do not turn away,
Try always to be like Jesus,
Forgive him each time while you may.

Forgive Bar

  You must not judge a brother,
Who to you for pardon does cry,
If you look on him as a sinner,
You still have a beam in your eye,
Don't look for another's wrongdoing
Rather look at yourself face to face,
Forgive him each time that he asks you,
It is all for God's glory and grace.

Forgive Bar

  As our Father in heaven forgives us,
While we seek that mansion above,
Don't forget the way we are traveling,
Is built on God's mercy and love,
Some will be tried by the fire,
Others will go through the flood,
Forgive as the Lord has forgiven
For all must come under the blood.

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