Stairway to Heaven by Jim Warren

On a New Road Star On a New Road Star
Stairway to Heaven by Jim Warren

On a New Road Star

On a New Road

On a New Road Star
  I'm on a new road. Christ helps me bear my load,
I have from my burdens been freed,
And with Christ as my guide, ever walks at my side,
I will follow wherever He leads,
I thank God each day for His wonderful way,
Of proving His care and His love,
My footsteps may stray; God tells me I may
Still gain that bright mansion above

On a New Road Bar
  Christ is that Road Guide to heaven's abode,
Nevermore from that way will I roam,
Precious blood He gave that my soul He might save.
Now the way of the cross leads me home,
I follow each day on that glorious way,
'Tis the way of God's mercy and love,
The end may be near I've nothing to fear,
I am going to my home up above.

On a New Road Bar
  There's city of light in the heavens so bright,
By faith I shall see it some day,
I've a mansion up there Christ went to prepare,
That's why I am traveling this way,
That mansion on high I shall see by and by.
When, at last, I have finished my race,
I'll dwell in that light where never comes night
And live in his glory and grace.

On a New Road Bar
  On that journey above I find that His love,
Grows sweeter with days that pass by,
His praises I'll sing for the peace that He brings,
On my way to that home up on high,
With the angels I'll sing of a Savior and King,
And a pathway along Galilee,
In the paths that he trod I'll grow closer to God,
And with Jesus dwell eternally.

On a New Road Bar
  Never more to be sad; each day I'll be glad.
Now clearer than ever I see
That I'll always be so happy and free,
With the love that Jesus gives me.
And when I reach home nevermore will I roam,
For my Savior will be at my side,
Forever to be just Jesus and me
Forever with Him to abide.

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On a New Road Star On a New Road Star