The Light That Stays Green

Animated Green Traffic Light
Keep the light green, Lord. Keep the light green.
We're on our way upward. We follow the beam,
There's no other light on this road that we've seen,
Beckons onward and upward as the light that stays green,

Green Light (c)
The signal keeps burning by day and by night,
God wants His people to walk in the light,
When the light yellows, you slow down your speed,
You are traveling God's highway; His laws you must heed.

Yellow Light (c)
It's a time to use caution. Keep the signal in view.
It is placed there for all who are traveling through,
Other roads you'll be passing; other lights will be seen.
On the roadway to heaven the light's always green,

Green Light (c)
Bright lights will be shining on roads left and right.
All looking so lovely and pleasing the sight.
Don't turn on those roads there's danger ahead,
For they lead you downward, and the lights will turn red.

Red Light (c)
It's God's danger signal by night and by day.
Turn from those lights that shine by the way.
Keep right on traveling the way you have been,
On that roadway to heaven where the light's always green.

Green Light (c)
Some travelers will tell you to cast off your load,
Come with us, brother, we've found a new road,
Such a beautiful highway! See how the lights glow!
They're reflections from fires that are burning below,

Flashing Lights
Pay no heed to the Tempter; from him turn away,
You're still on God's highway; from it do not stray.
Keep right on traveling; stay tuned to the beam
On that roadway to heaven where the light's always green.

Green Light (c)

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