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The time has come to meet the test.
Can we in all prove true,
And will we give our very best,
In everything we do?
We meet our friends and neighbor here,
And to the Lord we sing.
Our songs may bring a smile, a tear.
They're all for Christ our king.

To this meeting place then let us go,
And there our souls prepare
To go with Jesus when He holds
That meeting in the air.

God's melting pot where all may come
To meet with those they love
And answer for the deeds they've done
As recorded up above.
And when we reach that glorious place
Our Lord went to prepare,
We'll know that these are steps of grace
To His meeting in the air.

'Tis a meeting place of kindred souls
Of every race and creed,
Where love and grace will onward roll
'Till every soul is freed.
In every song, in every word,
In every prayer we plead.
To learn to know and love the Lord
We must be one indeed.

The young, the old, the great, the small
Will all be gathered here
To sing the songs so loved by all
And share the love and cheer.
These meetings here upon this earth,
Where love and grace abound,
Were started at the Savior's birth
When shepherds gathered round.

We'll sing the songs of joy and love,
Good will to all that are here
And for the absent will not cease
To go to God in prayer.
And as we meet, so let us pray
For the sick, the blind, the lame,
For up in heaven we know that they
Will glorify His name.

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