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Our time here on earth is so fleeting,
It seems but a day that we live,
Just give it all for the Savior,
For the joy and peace that He gives.
When we pass from earth's habitation,
What joy! What peace! How sublime
To know that the love that He gave us
Can never be measured by time.
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The time is now; Jesus is calling.
Tomorrow it may be too late.
Accept now your chance of salvation
And escape from a sinner's sad fate.
Temptation and sin all around us,
A world full of envy and strife,
Now is the time to trust Jesus,
Our reward will be eternal life.
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Was a time God winked at His children
When from paths of duty they'd stray,
But now the time is upon us,
When all must trust and obey,
'Twas decreed from the very beginning
That all who believed on His word
Should gain their reward up in heaven,
When finished with time in this world,
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Now is time to look at the future,
A time to take stock of the past,
A time to be ready and waiting,
When the end of time comes at last,
There's a time when all must trust Jesus,
There's a time when all must obey,
A time to prepare for our Maker,
Against the time when we all go away.
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Time of peace, time of joy, time of loving
Time for God when our days work is o'er...
Time to thank and give praise to our Maker,
For His time shall be ours ever more,
Time now to go to that kingdom,
Round the throne with the angels to sing.
Wear a robe and a crown of salvation,
Time to crown our Lord King of kings.

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