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Each day brings its joys and blessings for all
When on the Lord in all faith, you, we will call.
Ask what you will, for 'tis God's holy will
To care for His people, their wants to fulfill.

God's Blessings Bar

So don't be contented with what you have got.
God gives so freely, and he has such a lot,
When we ask for blessings, He does not turn away,
His blessings flow freely; He gives them each day,

God's Blessings Bar

God has such blessings, as love, joy and peace.
For poor trouble souls He will bring sweet release,
Don't stop at one blessing. Just keep striving for,
The love and the grace that keeps receiving more.

God's Blessings Bar

So fully contented you never can be.
While his love and blessings are flowing so free,
Seek for those blessings you know will endure,
Have faith in God's word; it makes every thing sure,

God's Blessings Bar

God has a full store house of blessings for you.
So keep all the old, and seek for the new.
It we lose a blessing, we once had attained,
Remember, through faith, it can be regained.

Malachi 4:2

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