Counting the Cost

Pay Your Way

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You will never gain a free passage,
On your way to the throne of God,
You must travel the same old pathway,
The saints before your have trod,
They walked the way God told them,
Turning neither to left or to right,
They followed the narrow pathway,
And always kept God in their sight.

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They never lost their vision of a land
Where never comes night,
Where God opens the windows of heaven
To pour out His blessings and light.
The saints that have gone on before you
Left footprints along their way,
Obeyed the laws God gave them.
'Tis a price that we all have to pay.

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Think not when the Lord calls your number,
You can go by some other way.
You must walk the same narrow pathway.
Pay the price that we all have to pay,
This journey is paid in installments,
The first is to trust and obey.
Accept Christ as your personal Savior,
Let him take all your sins away

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Confess your faults one to another.
From friends do not turn away,
For the judgment you measure to others,
The Lord will require you to pay.
Lay down your burdens and sorrow.
Be free from all sin and care.
Take up your cross; follow Jesus.
Make a start towards paying your fare.

Pay Your Way Bar

When you confess Christ as your Savior,
To others the story have told,
Now you are making your payments
With something more precious than gold.
Don't fail to tell of God's glory
To all whom you meet by the way,
Remember the day that is coming
When God says I'll surely repay.

Pay Your Way Bar

Don't try to hitchhike to glory
God will not allow that to be.
Pay your vow to God and to heaven
That your debt ridden soul may be free
As our Savior died upon Calvary
Endured all the suffering and pain,
Let us pay all our debts in the fullest
Free to go when he comes again.

Pay Your Way CoinPay Your Way CoinPay Your Way Coin
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