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God's Sea of Love

We're sailing on God's sea of love.
We're seeking for that home above.
We trust in God our ship to guide
O'er oeans wide to Canaan's side,
And as we sail upon God's sea,
We know His love will ever be
A light to guide, allay our fear.

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On seas of love, Lord, let me sail.
We know Your love will never fail.
On holy waters let us ride
Forever sailing at Thy side.

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On seas of love we still sail on
From darkest night to brightest dawn.
Our sins left on that distant shore,
We sail with God forever more,
And while we sail the waters blue,
We know the love of God is true.
We know that heaven we shall view.
That's what the love of God can do.

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How long we sail we do not care.
When we reach home, God will be there.
He'll welcome us into that home
Across the seas no more to roam.
Our sailing days forever done,
We'll be with God and Him alone.
We're home at last beyond God's sea
With Him to live; with Him be free.

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