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I Peter 2:9
Queer (Peculiar) Religion
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I've heard of strange religions; there's none so queer as mine.
It always keeps me happy and singing all the time.
It keeps my feet from straying; my wagging tongue stands still.
It keeps me always trying to do God's holy will,

Religion is so precious to those who have this kind,
For in this queer religion, they will true salvation find

It wakes you in the night time when everything is still,
You'll sing when in the valley; you'll shout it from the hill,
You'll tell it to your neighbor, how good it makes you feel,
You'll show how God's glory makes queer religion real.

It makes you want to sing and shout and praise God while you may.
You'll keep the prayer wheel turning; you'll wind it every day.
It makes you tell God's story to every one you meet.
To bring their souls a trophy and lay them at his feet.

Religion is a blessing when it really takes a hold,
It makes you walk like Jesus to a refuge in the fold,
When life on earth is over, the end has come for all.
Those with this queer religion will be the first He'll call.

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