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Singing in the Sunshine

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Singing in the sunshine, singing in the rain.
Singing on the roof tops, singing o'er the plains.
Keep the joy bells ringing wherever you may be.
Sing the glorious songs of joy o'er land and o'er sea.

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Sing with joy and gladness make welcome ring.
Sing to the highest heaven unto Christ, the king.
Sing about the Christ Child who in a manger lay.
Sing about the Christ Man who takes our sin away.

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Sing of Christ the Savior, oh what joy and bliss!
Never can there be a sweeter song than this!
Sing the glorious message that He to this earth did bring,
Listen to the angels as up in heaven they sing.

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The glory of His coming, sing it wherever you may go.
Sing in every tongue; let every nation know.
Keep the glad news ringing; sing it far and near.
Sing about His coming; the time is almost here.

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Sing, oh, let us sing about our mansion up above.
Prepared by Christ, our Savior, through His precious blood.
Sing of love and duty; sing of our new birth.
Sing of all the glory when He comes back to earth.

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Sing our songs of joy, let all the people sing.
Sing of that new heaven, let all your voices ring.
Keep the glad songs ringing; no sweeter songs there can be
Than songs about our Savior Whose return we soon shall see.

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