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2 Samuel 22:29
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Peace with God

I thank my God for what He gave me
Not for what I gained alone.
Self-made gains I'll leave behind me.
What God gave, I'll take home.

Peace with God ,oh how alluring!
How His love does thrill my soul!
The peace He gave is all enduring
While the endless ages roll.

His peace He gave in a world of sorrow
He gave joy when all was pain.
Of all dark days made bright tomorrows
I count His peace my greatest gain.

Worldly gains will not bring pleasure.
No peace no rest any promise holds.
God will bless in fullest measure
When we're gathered in the fold.

These pleasures here will not be lasting.
All things change with the times.
Let us our love on God be casting.
Exchange it for a love divine.

Peace with God is the answer to the world's tears!
Following the September 11, 2000, terrorist attack, Tom Sierak created "Light from Above," the picture on which the title graphic was based. Isn't it amazing that Grandpa's lyrics about "God's Peace," penned almost forty years earlier, are still applicable in a world beset with horrors he could little imagine?!?! The original painting without the scripture reference appears below.

"Light from Above" by Tom Sierak

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God Bless America

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