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Glory Bound Train

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A glory bound train stands on the track.
It leaves here soon, and it won't come back.
So, get your ticket and get on board.
This train is leaving with a heavy load.

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It makes a stop but it don't stay long.
When it leaves again, it will be long gone
Get a one way ticket; it's all you need
To ride to heaven with the greatest speed.

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Hear the whistles blow; watch the drivers roll.
The grinding wheels will thrill your soul.
You'll get a feeling you can't explain
When you ride to heaven on this glory bound train

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Get aboard! Get aboard before it's past!
Now is the time; it may be the last.
Get aboard! Get aboard! This train is due
To roll to heaven, and it goes straight through

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Get aboard! St. Peter will welcome you.
He'll open up the gate and you'll roll on through.
Get aboard! get aboard, and you'll know you have found
The way to heaven on the glory bound.

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This glory bound train, it makes fast time.
It's a perfect model on a one track line.
The engineer with his guiding hand
Will roll this train to the glory land.

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The conductor will collect your fare.
Takes a first class ticket to get you there
This glory bound train is for the lost.
Just get on board! Don't count the cost!

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Just get on board, and don't be late!
And make this trip to the pearly gate.
With love and faith just take your stand.
And ride this train to the glory land

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Glory Bound Train Right Track