Weighing in for God

Animated Scales of Justice

  Are you weighed in the balance and wanting?
Friend, where do you stand today?
Will the scale swing round in your favor?
Have you enough credits to pay?
Have you labored your best for the master?
Have you always obeyed His call?
Did you freely give of our talents
As our Christ who has given His all?

Lay your all on the scale for Jesus,
Make the beam swing round your way.
Cast off all the false weights and measures.
Weigh in with your best today.

God's scale is now set for the judgment,
Weighing both the good and the bad.
Do you need more time for your payments?
Would you promise to pay if you had?
The weights of your sins are upon you.
You and God only know of the past.
Man's laws were made for the present.
You must answer to God at the last.

On the great Judgment Seat up in heaven,
Christ sits with the scales in His hand.
The law books of heaven are open;
On these His judgment must stand.
False weights of your sins and transgressions
At one end of the beam he will lay;
Your life and your word at the other.
Do you think you've enough to repay?

Should Christ come in judgment tomorrow
And your sins are still with you today,
What will you use for your payments?
Make haste now; you must not delay.
Christ is the Judge and the Jury,
On His scale is a just weight for all,
Full measures will gain you a mansion,
False weights, you are lost and must fall.

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