Food for Life by Glory Hamilton
Food for Life Title

Roll the Wagon

There were two versions of this song with a difference in one stanza only. I have repeated only that one line in the appropriate stanza.

There's a wagon loaded down with food for man's soul.
All it needs now is power to make it roll.
It is manna sent from heaven as in the days of old.
It is what God has given to make the wagon roll.

Roll the Wagon Bar
Put your shoulder to the wheel and roll the wagon. Everybody, keep in step; let no feet be dragging.
Everybody do their best. Don't do no bragging.
With love and faith we will roll God's wagon.

Roll the Wagon Bar
When the load seems heavy, and the road seems long.
Just put your trust in Jesus and keep rolling on.
When the way grows steeper. it will vex your soul.
Just call on God for power to make the wagon roll.

Roll the Wagon Bar
This wagon's loaded down with God's love and grace.
Filled with His holy word and sent to every race.
Filled with life everlasting for every race.
We'll roll it through the valleys; it must not stop.
We'll roll it up the mountains 'till we reach the top.

Roll the Wagon Bar
When the wagon ceases rolling, strength almost gone,
Remember it's the darkest just before the dawn.
When it seems you can never attain your goal.
Just shove a little harder. Watch the wagon roll.

Roll the Wagon Bar
There must be no shirking; everybody do his or her best.
With everybody working, God will do the rest.
Keep looking at the future and forget the past.
Keep in place behind the wagon. Roll it home at last.

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