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Wanderers of the Wastelands

With you calling, ever calling,
In the stillness of the night
Weave a magic web. Resistless thoughts
Grow languorous and listless.
While you weave a web enthralling,
In its purity and light.
Comes the dawn so pure and mistless,
Shining pure in heavens light.

Though I wander in the wastelands,
Tossed and driven on the quicksands,
Still I hold the nail pierced hands,
Blessed hands that guide my soul.
Leads me to the golden portals,
In the footsteps of immortals.
Who have trod through all the turmoil,
'Till they reached that glorious goal.

Comes a joyfull peaceful feeling,
O'er my soul so sweetly stealing,
Sets my senses quickly reeling,
With the glory of thy love.
Then comes softly that new morning,
When new souls will be a borning,
They will surely all be joining,
In that home far up above.

Though I walk in distant valleys
Where the silvery streams do flow,
And I climb the highest mountains,
Where the mighty forest grows.
Though I doze in sunshine dreaming,
Slumber in the moonlight dreaming.
All this wondrous beauty seeming,
Brings no answer that I know.

So, with love and faith to guide me,
Have no fear what may betide me.
Though I have the world to hide me,
Hide from the sins of men.
With no future that appalls me,
For no dark horizon calls me.
Thank you, Lord, for what befalls me,
I've found freedom once again.

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