Cross of Christ

Here's a story that's grown dear,
All God's children love to hear.
To that dear old rugged cross they love to cling,
Such a precious cross of love,
Royal passport up above,
To the home of my dear Savior and our King.

To that cross, then, let us fly,
Giving thanks to God on high
That we're worthy to receive so great a love.
To that cross we must be true,
Trusting God in all we do.
Faith will bring us to that home far up above.

Where the lights are shining bright,
Springing from the throne of light,
When the windows of God's heaven open wide,
With the Savior on His throne
They're surrounded by His own
Bidding all that bear His cross, "Come and abide."

What a grand and glorious thought,
Knowing precious souls are bought
With the precious blood that flowed from Calvary
Where our Savior paid the price
Made complete the sacrifice
Gave His life in love that all men should be free.

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