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I have a Friend Who has gone away,
Preparing a place for me to stay,
When from this world I shall be free
With Whom I shall spend eternity.
Oh, how I love to go and spend
Eternity with such a friend!

Still, still my friend is the Lord,
Still, still my friend.
Still, still my friend is the Lord,
Still, still to the end my friend.

Whose gentle voice is it that I hear,
Falling so sweetly on my ear,
Coming to me when I'm sorely tired,
Almost tempted to turn aside?
I hear that voice as it comes to me,
"Fear not, my friend, I am still with thee."

Yes, my friend, I know you are gone,
But love and memories linger on.
You taught me how to love and to care.
Your works of love my soul did prepare
For that day in the home up above
Where I am welcomed with Your love

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