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Only One Light Rainbow

There is only one path to follow,
And a light shines on the way.
I hear a voice so sweet and low.
Bids me follow it each day.

It leads me on to higher planes
Than I have reached before.
It lights my way through darkness.
Its light shines ever more.

Only one light to guide me.
One faith, one God, one word.
Only the light of Christ, our Lord,
Brings light to all the world,

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It leads me up on the mountain
Far from the valley below.
Night can never reach me there.
From the light it will quickly go.

There on top of the mountain
See God's glory all unfold,
I need to go back to the valley,
For others who've not been told.
To bring others into the fold.

No more walking in shadows,
No darkness need I fear.
The light is there to guide me,
For Jesus is always near,

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The light that shines so brightly,
Leading sinners from their shame,
Will lead us all to glory
When we call on Jesus' name.

A light shines on the glory road,
'Tis a bright and shining way
Where all can walk with Jesus,
Share His glory every day.

The light shines on forever,
Lighting up the way for all.
When it's shining through the darkness,
Then Christ is making His call.

Only One Light Rainbow



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This wonderful painting was created by James C. Behlen, Jr.

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