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The Lost Vision

  What has become of the vision
We saw so clearly one day
When we saw heaven's great beauty
And souls that have gone to stay?
What has become of the others,
The one who have wandered away?
Why have they become missing?
Why have they wandered away?

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Why have we lost our vision?
Why have we ceased to care?
Have we lost faith in Jesus?
Have we lost faith in prayer?

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  We worked to win souls for Jesus
And prayed that none should be lost.
Never complaining or doubting,
Never once counting the cost.
Christ said to love one another,
Our trials and burdens to share.
Why are some lost and forgotten?
Why do we no longer care?

Souls have gone out into darkness,
Are now crying out in despair,
Did some body lose their vision?
Did somebody cease to care?
Flames and smoke are arising,
Poisonous fumes fill the air,
Souls are tormented forever,
Somebody has ceased to care,

Have we lost that heavenly vision,
We saw when we first learned to love
Have we lost faith in Jesus,
And our vision of heaven above,
Have we lost our rights to a masion,
Our Lord went away to prepare,
Will we be lost and forgotten,
Will Jesus no longer care?

What will we do without Jesus,
How can we live our lives through?
How shall we stand at the judgment,
Knowing our love is untrue?
What can we say in God's presence?
How will our lives then compare
With those who have kept their vision
And never have ceased to care?

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