"With the Light from Above" by Tom Sierak

God's Sunshine

God's Sunshine Bar
Bridge out of Darkness into God's Sunshine
  When we cross the last bridge of sorrow
And come out on the sunlit plain,
We have left the valley of shadows.
We're out in God's sunshine again.

Out where the sun shines so brightly.
Out where the dew drops gleam.
In the light of God's holy sunshine,
We come to the land of our dreams.

God's love is like unto sunshine
With a bow at the end of the rain,
His promise goes with us forever,
The shadows will not come again.

His love will shine on forever,
Bringing light and hope to all,
Who love to walk in His sunlight
And always obey His call.

A light that has always been shining
With brilliance none can compare.
A light that will shine to guide us
As long as we love and care.

God's Sunshine Bar


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God's Sunshine Bar

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