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Revival time is here again.
We hear the Spirit call,
Seeking for the lost ones.
Salvation's here for all.
To spirits too weak and lowly,
Oppressed by Satan's host.
Come and renew your filling,
With the precious Holy Ghost.

O, blessed Holy Spirit,
Come with us and remain,
'Till all that sin among us,
Are cleansed from every stain,
We ask thee blessed father...
In the name of they dear son,
That the holy ghost may tarry,
Until they will be done.

Pray for Revival Time

Renew Thy covenant, Father,
With Thy children here on earth
And fill us with Thy Spirit,
The source of our new birth.
While to the lost and dying
To those who need thee most
We ask Thee, blessed Father,
To send the Holy Ghost.

We thank Thee, blessed Father;
We thank Thy precious Son.
'Tis by our faith in Jesus
That precious souls are won.
Now Holy Ghost is with us.
'Till this revival's through
When all the souls are gathered
And marching home to you.

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