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All Alone

Sitting alone by the side of the road
Where a soldier had no right to be.
God's army is gone still pursuing the foe
While alone by the road there sits he.

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All alone! All alone! His friends are all gone.
And alone by the road he'll soon know
At the end of time he will still be alone
While God's army to heaven will go.

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Good soldiers fight on with never a pause,
'Till the battles of life are all won.
They never retreat or give up the fight
'Till their Captain shall tell them, "Well done."

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A battle well fought is a victory won.
It's a payment to God up on high.
A reward will be given to all who fight on
With the army and march to the sky.

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Put on your helmet, shield, and your sword
And fight 'till all battles are won.
And don't sit alone by the side of the road
While the army is still marching on.

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Our great Commander is waiting up there
For an army that wins in the fight.
Keep right on fighting like good armies do.
Be an ally and champion of right.

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