Only One Way

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There is only one I see or know.
The way my Lord tells me to go.
He took me out of my life of sin
And showed me the way to enter in.

First, I must come through the fire and flood.
Now I must come under the blood.
In years to come I shall be free.
I've buried my sins at Calvary

He opened the way when He prayed for me
In the garden at Gethsemane.
He broke the bonds and set me free
When He walked the road to Calvary

He opened the way when He prayed for me
In the garden at Gethsemane
Up Golgotha's hill He bore the cross
Still seeking to save the world from loss.

That way I know He loves me so.
He still is showing the way to go.
Yes, He gave His life there on Calvary
That I and the world should be set free

His promise was when He went away
He would not go forever to stay.
In clouds of glory, He'll come again
In His kingdom forever to reign

He's coming back to call His sheep
From every land and from the deep.
He promised never to leave me alone.
There safe in His arms I'll be at home

Although He is gone, He is still so real.
His wonderful love I still can feel.
His mighty presence is so near.
I hear His voice falling on my ear

I'll go with Him when He bids me come
Upon that way that will lead me home
There see Him forever on His throne,
Forever saying, "Thou art mine own."

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