I Stand Amazed

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I stand amazed as I gaze on high
At the wonders of God up in the sky.
The sun, the moon, The stars go by
While standing alone on earth am I,

I stand amazed when I see
The beauty of God unfold to me.
The faith it always brings, too,
So, like the stars, I shall be free.

Still in a maze, Lord, let me be
Always looking, my Lord, for thee.
Mould and make and set me free
Perfect in love and purity.

I stand amazed to know Your grace
Will bring me safe through every race.
It takes from me sin's every trace.
Keeps me longing to see your face.

I stand amazed here at the sight,
Of heaven aglow with a holy light,
It flashes o'er my vision bright,
Dispels the fear of darkest night.

I stand amazed, but still I may
Call it God's will to work this way.
The sun, the moon, the stars' bright ray
Brings faith in God for every day.

I stand amazed that life so grand
Is waiting for me on the golden strand.
There join that happy angel band
And sing your praises in glory land.

I stand amazed, Lord, when I think
How the dregs of hell I had learned to drink.
Lord, how You broke the strongest link.
Kept me from death in that awful brink.

I stand amazed at what You've done
For strength to fight for victory won,
The end of days the race I've run
When You, my Lord, shall say, "Well done."

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