A Pilgrim

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I'm a pilgrim here upon this earth.
I don't have long to stay.
I feel like talking of the Lord...
While traveling on my way,
God's grace placed me here.
And by his grace I'll stay,
Until my life is ended here...
And God calls me away.

Lord ,give me wisdom; give me strength
To help the ones I meet.
Teach them how to bring their cares
And lay them at your feet.

I live and do my very best
To follow out God's plan,
I base my faith upon His word.
I love my fellow man.
I do not feel it is God's will
For me to judge a man.
I leave that in the hand of God.
I know that is his plan.

Some of the sweetest songs I've heard
Have come from those that sin.
So who am I to pass upon
Of whom or what you've been?
The Lord said, 'Love your fellow man."
We know that is His plan.
He did not say he had to be
A wise and perfect man.

So, while we're here upon this earth,
Let's travel side by side.
If you don't see things as I do,
What reason to divide?
So, come along and go with me.
We'll not talk church or creed.
Our only talk will be to God,
For He's the One we need.

And when our prayers go through to God
The way that they should do,
His blessings will come pouring out
The same for me and you.
When we have found that glorious place
Where we are in accord,
We will not care what people say.
We'll know we have the Lord.

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