Come, Ye Faithful

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Christ was teaching His disciples
In the days long ago,
Telling them about His kingdom.
'Twas a place they did not know.
"I must go unto My Father,
But this promise I leave you.
Where I am, ye may be, also,
And share all the glory, too."

There'll be joy in old Judea
When ye see me come again.
Come, ye faithful and believing,
Come join in the latter reign.
Ye have spread the gospel message.
Faithfully you've done your part.
Come and join the host of heaven.
Come, ye meek and pure of heart.

When I walked in old Judea
On the sands at Galilee,
Where I went ye followed after
That where I was ye should be.
You were faithful and believing
All things that were told to you.
That is why I am returning
With the glory that's your due.

So, be faithful, little children.
Walk along that glorious way,
Teaching all things I have told you.
Do some good deed every day.
Keep your love for one another
As I've kept my love for you.
Keep your faith in all my teachings.
Keep believing it is true."

Believe in God; keep His commandments.
Believe on His Son.
With the Holy Ghost abiding
You will have the victory won.
Keep your thoughts on things eternal.
Let the worldly things go by.
"I will surely keep my promise
When I meet you in the sky."

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