What's the Answer?

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Was Christ born of Virgin Mary?
Was He God's begotten Son?
Was He filled with God's own Spirit
Perfect in the three in one?
Did He come to seek the sinner?
Did He come to save the lost?
Did He falter in His mission?
Did He fail to pay the cost?

What's the answer? What's the answer
Is the cry that's often heard
What's the answer? Read your bible
You will find it in God's word

Did He give sight to blind Bartimaeus?
Heal the leapers on the way?
Did He make the wine to water?
Did He fill their needs that day?
Did He feed the throngs of people
With the fishes and the bread?
Did He walk upon the water
And raise Lazarus from the dead?

Did He still the mighty tempest
And allay their doubt and fear?
Did He come here as a Savior,
Coming as the sinner's friend?
Did He not tell His disciples,
"Lo, I'm with you to the end"?

Did He tell them preach My gospel
To everyone in every land?
Did he tell them of the power
He would leave at their command?
Did He tell them signs would follow
All who had faith to believe?
Did He tell them He was coming
Back to earth again to live?

Did He tell them how His coming
Rolls the darkest clouds away?
Did He tell them of the glory
He would bring to earth that day?
Did He tell them of the judgment
And the thrones that they would fill?
Did He tell them of the rapture,
Peace on earth, to all good will?

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