Just a Few More Days

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Just a few more miles to travel.
Just a few more days to go.
Just a few more debts to pay, Lord.
Then I know that I must go.

I'll not tarry for a moment,
For I know what must be done,
I will work and serve you, Jesus,
'Till life's battles are all won.

Jesus, let Thy spirit guide me.
Lead me on to heights unknown.
I know that You still love me
And will take me as Thine own.

Just a few more days to travel.
Peace and joy now flood my soul.
Jesus, let thy spirit guide me
Onward till I reach my goal.

I will fight all Your battles.
You will help me fight mine, too
For I know that you are waiting
For my soul to come to you.

I will go; I will not falter.
Thou hast given me strength to fight.
I can do, Lord, in Thy spirit
What I cannot do by might.

When my time on earth is ended,
Still I cannot see or know.
I will go, Lord, when you call me,
For I long with you to go.

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