The Last Light

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When shines the last light, and my days are done.
Life here is ended, and the battles all won.
I'll know I've been traveling in paths that are bright
On my journey to heaven in that last holy light

Oh, wonderful light, Lord, let it still shine on me.
Lead me safely onward where'er I may be.
Just lead me on, Jesus, in paths that are bright
With beams that are shining from the last holy light.

Your light has been shining down through the years.
It has been my safe anchor; I still have no fears.
I trust in your love, Lord, For I know it is right.
It will lead me to heaven; I'll live in the light.

When my time is ended, I'll hear the call come.
I'll walk in the light to your paradise home.
The peace, love, and joy of living aright
My reward's waiting there in God's holy light.

Keep right on shining, bright star of the night,
Leading me onward with life and with light,
But all through the maze You have led me aright.
At the end of the journey I've come to that light.

Feet that once wandered, a soul that was lost,
Are now in your hands, Lord, for You paid the cost.
Broke all the bonds forged by Satan's great might
Lord, I thank you forever. I am now in that light.

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