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When first you see them shouting, singing, dancing,
The love of God upon their face,
It seems, to you, entrancing
When they start talking to the Lord
Pleading, praising, praying,
Some will speak with all new words.
You don't know what, they are saying

It's catching! It's catching!
It's catching as can be!
It slips upon you unaware, then
It sets you free, it's catching
It's catching! Why, bless your soul!
It's catching and when you're free,
My friend, you'll see
And know that it's catching!

You'll see them pray for the sick,
The halt, the blind, the lame
The prayers that they are sending up
Are all in Jesus' name.
When the Holy Ghost comes down,
There is laughing, shouting, singing.
They edify the Lamb of God.
You'll hear their voices ringing.

You meet them on the street next day
And stop for a word
They embrace you with all their love,
Saying, "Brother, praise the Lord."
You'll hear their testimonies ring
From churches, streets and steeples.
You'll see what God is looking for,
Is a peculiar people

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