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Free to tell how Jesus freed me
When I traveled all alone.
How He took away my burdens,
Freed and took me for His own.

Now I know that Jesus loves me
That His blood has purchased me.
Now I know the joy of living
With a love that sets me free.

Free to love and walk with Jesus.
Free to do His holy will.
Free and know that He still loves me--
Always has and always will.

Free to answer when He calls me,
For with Him I long to go.
Free to travel on to glory
Covered by the crimson flow.

Free at last my soul rejoices,
Since I've found His precious love.
Free to go to that great mansion
He has prepared for me above.

Free! the word is growing sweeter.
I will sing it every day.
Free! I feel His spirit on me,
Guiding me along the way.

Free! I know that Jesus guides me,
For I feel his hand on mine.
Free to call upon him daily,
Jesus. I'm wholly thine.

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