Walking Alone

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Walking a road without any God
Where the feet of the lost have trod,
A road that leads to sorrow and shame,
An empty promise with nothing to gain

You must get away from the beaten road.
Take the narrow path and the load.
Raise the cross of Calvary high.
Start walking with God and never die.

The lost that are traveling on this way
Were pure as the angels in heaven one day
Now they are carrying Satan's load,
Lost and forgotten on that beaten road

Why do they travel on this way
Farther and farther from God each day?
Their load grows heavy; the way grows long,
But still they travel the road that's wrong

Once it was easy to travel it right
Led by God their God with a holy light
The son of God came to seek and save
And bring back to God the souls gave

Turn now and walk with Jesus today.
Come, for the time quickly passes away.
Take up your cross and help bear the load.
And walk with Jesus away from that road.

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